Ground Fires

A Natural Reminder of Unresolved Emotions

By: Jocelyn J Joy

6/20/20232 min read

Ground Fires: A Natural Reminder of Unresolved Emotions
Ground Fires: A Natural Reminder of Unresolved Emotions

The Silent Burn of Ground Fires
As someone who grew up in California, I was no stranger to wildfires. However, it wasn’t until my partner, and I moved to the Canadian Rockies that I learned about the silent burn of ground fires. These underground fires can burn for years, feeding on dead and dry vegetation or tree roots, until an external trigger causes them to flare up and potentially turn into a forest fire.

Like these ground fires, our unresolved emotions can simmer and burn within us without realizing it. We may unknowingly feed them, providing them the oxygen they need to stay alive. Only when an external event disrupts our internal landscape do these emotions rise to the surface, potentially causing harm to ourselves and others.

Nature’s Medicine for Emotional Healing
As a psychic reader and intuitive holistic coach, I’ve had the privilege of helping many individuals navigate and dispel these inner fires. However, I’ve found that nature’s medicine is often the most effective remedy for emotional healing. Whether in the form of plants, herbs, or other natural remedies, the earth provides us with the tools we need to heal.

When an emotional charge triggers us, it can feel like an uncontrollable fire poised to scorch everything in its path. But with the help of plant medicine, we can learn to acknowledge and release these emotions healthily and constructively. This often involves facing subsurface fires and taking personal accountability for our feelings and actions.

Facing Our Subsurface Fires with Plant Medicine
While this journey can be frightening and humbling, the rewards are immeasurable. We discover the true power of choice and forgiveness, and we gain a newfound respect for the resilience of our bodies and minds. Once we’ve learned how to release these emotional fires, we feel lighter and more at peace with ourselves and the world around us.

The Journey of Healing: Learning from Nature
Ultimately, our journey through life is a process of healing and growth. Just like nature endures wildfires and ground fires, we too can face the challenges that come our way and emerge more robust and resilient. As we learn from nature and our experiences, we gain the knowledge and compassion to help others on their journey toward healing.