We aid you in restoring your wellness into harmonious balance by utilizing an unprecedented blend of ancient wisdom, sacred ceremony, shamanic healing, and energy healing. Our “Whole Being” approach fosters a spiritual-to-physical integration process.

Find purpose and balance through this powerful lunar experience with shamanic energy and magical mushrooms in the Canadian Rockies. You’ll have plenty of room for nature walks and relaxing.

Our bodies hold truth, wisdom, and infinite potential. Our unique multi-dimensional blueprint carries our purpose and keys to growth and healing. Our work is to uncover this wisdom and decode our purpose for our highest good. This retreat will help us reconnect with the sacredness of our humanness and the brilliance of our potential by learning to honor the parts of ourselves that were hidden away. We are unlocking our ability to embrace the complexity of our being and creating a new beginning. In addition, we will journey to a newfound sense of inspiration and access our innermost wisdom.

During our Rooted Shamanic Mushroom Journeys, we will spend time in deep self-reflection to meet ourselves again. With respect and reverence for the healing power of nature, we will be guided in ceremonies with sacred forest medicine to awaken.  Teachings, insights, and revelations will come from forest medicines and your own higher wisdom.  We will utilize a signature series of embodiment practices to enhance this process, including breathwork, meditation, movement, earth wisdom teachings, and post-retreat integration circles. 

Together we will create a dynamic container where we can enter a harmonious relationship with ourselves, humanity, and the earth.

Our commitment to integration sets our journeys apart from the rest. Our journeys are for those ready to awaken – to remember, not for the individual looking for a psychedelic trip. With that being said, the importance of having an expert facilitator to support you in integrating your journey is crucial. You are then able to discover and receive extended-lasting benefits.

Join us to explore the following themes for this all-inclusive retreat:

  • 1 Cacao ceremony

  • 2 Mushroom ceremonies

  • Learn to navigate and expand your consciousness

  • Connect to your body to build resiliency

  • Learn to navigate your body’s internal landscape and refine your capacity to listen

  • Ignite your wisdom and make your reservoir of creative “juice” and inspiration

  • Practice reciprocity with nature and nourish life with creative beauty

  • Discover the intelligence of your energy anatomy

  • Connect to the power of the elements and learn to harness and harmonize with the energies of life

  • Integration tools and resources

  • Vegetarian meals

We offer a profoundly transformative and safely held 3-day sacred mushroom retreat program in the beautiful mountains of the Canadian Rockies. This retreat is set in a beautiful location immersed with nature an hour from the Calgary airport.


  • Access mental, emotional, psychic, and spiritual arenas

  • Deeply connect with your inner self and others by opening your heart

  • Connect to your inner spirit and wisdom

  • Open the gateway to your fresh ideas and creativity

  • Give your body an energy boost

  • Enhanced mental clarity

  • Strengthen your body’s natural healing ability

  • Balance and clear your energy centers


  • Comfortable, light colour clothes

  • Your journal and pen

  • Something sacred that has a special meaning for offering at the beginning of the ceremony

  • An open heart and mind

  • Favorite blanket, scarf, or instrument

  • Sleep masks

***Private retreats are available upon request.